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Have A heart donations

Have A heart donations

Richard Winge, a private citizen (and the President of the Taft HS Foundation) himself helped us raise $4,000 for Taft. This all came about over a donation we received in error that he found out about.

See, we received a donation for $2,500 that was supposed to go to the Taft HS Foundation, in error. I returned the money to the donor. In turn, he told Richard about the error, and that he felt badly for Taft Foundation in Lockport. Richard, in turn, started with the proposal of a matching grant. He initially offered us $1,250 if we could meet the match locally. We matched the $1,250, which gave us a total of $2,500.

Then, he challenged us that if we could boost our donations to $2,500 on our end, he would kick in another $250. We were successful, and earned a total of $4,000. We had a celebratory luncheon for it on May 7. Mr. Winge, who now resides in Napa, CA, attended the luncheon at Taft with his wife, Arlene. We do have some pictures of it as well.

Taft School Lockport IL 1909

Taft School Lockport IL 1909


Taft School District 90 is within the southwest part of Lockport. The district dates from before 1888. In the 19th century it was called school district #9 of Lockport Township, and named the South Lockport School.


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Paul Meyers is a proud sponsor for the Taft Foundation. We are looking for Family and Corporate Have A Heart. This is a 100% tax deductible donation. Please cllick here to leave a donation to the Taft Foundation - Be a Taft School Sponsor.

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Taft Grade School District 90 was named in honor of William Howard Taft — the 27th President of the United States (1909-1913)
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